Lindsay Lohan Is Dating Matt Nordgren

By Amber Elliott and Heather Leighton. Alanna Flores, from left, Meredith Flores, center, know how to have a good time. These jet-setting sisters are always on the go, posting envy-inducing travel pics from Palm Beach, Miami and the Hamptons on any given weekend. They both hosted epic debutante balls, too; Drake performed at Alanna’s stunning after-party. These jet-setting sisters are always on the go, posting envy-inducing travel pics from Palm Beach, Miami and the Hamptons on any. Valentine’s Day is over, but finding love is always in season. If you’re hoping to cancel your lonely hearts club membership this year, get ready. Houston has no shortage of single ladies and gentlemen that are meet-the-parents-worthy. Disclaimer: just because they made the list, doesn’t mean these top Bayou City picks are percent available. Though all of the guys and gals are technically unmarried, and no one’s currently put a ring on it, some may already be in committed relationships.

Matthew J. Nordgren

According to Us Weekly, the year-old starlet is dating Matt Nordgren , a name that may be very familiar to some of you. Since her dating life is always of interest hello, Samantha Ronson! Read on for more—and let us know, do you think this is a good fit? He used to play football professionally. Nordgren was a quarterback at his alma mater, the University of Texas, and also had a brief stint with the Philadelphia Eagles until an injury ended his NFL career.

Clearly, he and LiLo can talk about the many ups and downs of a high profile life.

The year-old athlete did a stint with the Philadelphia Eagles and is now a reality TV star, having appeared on shows like Bravo’s “Most Eligible Dallas.”.

Next Gallery: Everything’s Bigger in Texas. And they lived happily ever after. Tara tries to get the dirt on Courtney’s relationship with Matt. Drew reaches out to Cody one last time. Glenn tries to get Matt to admit that he and Courtney are heading for the bone zone. Drew’s hoping for forgiveness Cry on my shoulder. Urban cowboy and cowgirl.

Picture perfect. Dinner at a gas station? Clearly everyone needs to know about the gas station date, stat. Who doesn’t love smores? The look of love is in her eyes. Late night dip.

Lindsay Lohan Dating Former Football Player Matt Nordgren

LANSING —- With the ever-expanding world of reality TV, it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me when one day, I logged onto Facebook, clicked on a link about a new Bravo reality series and saw one of my high school classmates ripping off his shirt. No, no, this really shouldn’t have been a surprise.

But I was a tiny bit shocked. The shock didn’t last long, especially considering who I was seeing. Had the yearbook given out the “Most Likely to be a Reality Star” award in , Glenn Pakulak would have for sure won it.

Most Eligible Dallas, you’ll find 3 hunky Texans: Glenn, Matt & Drew. EDGE spoke with Matt & Drew about their feelings about reality television, dating Maybe not but that wouldn’t make for much drama now, would it?

Is Texas becoming the new Jersey Shore? Bravo’s new reality lifestyle series Most Eligible Dallas is the latest in the Texas-based reality show trend. If Most Eligible Dallas is any indication of The Big D, Dallas women are about big hair and fake boobs while Dallas men are about washboard abs and non-committal relationships.

Apparently, uptown Dallas is pretentious, fake, and self-centered. The show aired Episode 1 on Monday night, starting with detailed introductions of five of the six cast members on the show. We start out by meeting some of these singles, when we meet Tara and Glenn at a charity event. Tara Harper is a mid-thirties blonde who has been engaged four times. Tara has a passion for animals and helps rescue and find homes for animals that are about to be euthanized-one of the positive aspects that did come from this show.

He has played for so many teams that he has trouble recalling the order correctly.

Matt Nordgren and Lindsay Lohan: Already Split?

Skip to Content. The show’s promotional materials include the tagline “Status. Success,” which are essentially the shallow values it promotes Some characters are worse than others, but no one is an all-around examplary role model, whether they’re body-obsessed, narcissistic, catty, or club crazy. On the plus side, at least one character actively volunteers with an organization to rescue neglected dogs from kill shelters.

Nordgren, 30, played for the University of Texas and the Philadelphia Eagles before appearing on the reality TV series “Most Eligible Dallas.”.

A reality series that zeros in on the Dallas social scene by tracking a clique of young singles as they party, date and network. The contingent includes a former college football player; a blunt Southern belle; an NFL player with a sharp fashion sense; and a proud gay man who’s in the car business. In the Season 1 finale, Drew tries to win back Cody; Tara and Jody have a standout date in Fort Worth; new dimensions distinguish Courtney and Matt’s friendship; Glenn mulls over a move to Oakland; and Neill’s band perform their inaugural Dallas show.

Matt confronts Courtney about her poor attitude; Glenn reveals the warmer side of his character to his ex-flame; Tara’s relationship heats up; Drew reflects on a crucial mistake; Matt preps for a leadership gala. An awkward double-date invite involves Courtney and Matt. Elsewhere, sparks continue to fly between Glenn and his ex-flame despite her imminent return to San Francisco; the gang make the scene at a concert, but there’s a lack of harmony thanks to Courtney’s attitude.

Drew and Courtney try to make amends in the wake of their temper-flaring confrontation; Matt and Neill contemplate their true feelings for one another; Courtney woos a love interest from South Africa; and Glenn reconnects with an ex-flame. Tara throws an animal charity bash with a s theme.

Most Eligible: Dallas

Don’t have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Maybe you recall: About three months ago Bravo sent word that some time over the summer it would debut Most Eligible Dallas , wherein the city “serves as the sexy backdrop for this jaw-dropping docu-series that follows a group of successful friends living it up like only Texas socialites can.

After which, Matt pursued a graduate level degree for the remaining years under He was subsequently featured on the Bravo TV show “Most Eligible Dallas,” while becoming Mr. Nordgren is currently CEO and Founder of ARCADIAN Fund and To date, Mr. Nordgren has personally been involved with over $4 billion in.

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‘Most Eligible Dallas’ promo: Watch!

Crawford, a former television news reporter, was Miss Missouri in Romo proposed to her on Dec. Ever wonder how the family juggles Thanksgiving and family? Jon Machota breaks it down:. It’s not just because her husband led Dallas to a win over the Raiders.

Meet Matt Nordgren · Meet Tara Harper · Dallas’ Most Eligible · If You’re Single, The Perfect Girl for Matt Nordgren · An Urban Cowboy · Betrayals, a Weekend Getaway, and More! The Best Friend Date Download the Bravo Now app.

Just one week after reports surfaced that Lindsay Lohan was dating Most Eligible Dallas star Matt Nordgren, the pair appear to have already split. An unnamed source tells Us Weekly , “Their work schedules and the distance just make dating impossible. Too bad as the clean-cut former football player was reportedly a good influence on the fresh-out-of-rehab Lohan. Earlier, a source had told Us Weekly that he “won’t drink around her. He’s trying to keep her sober and on the straight and narrow.

But the two have been friends for several years and the unnamed source goes on to say that Matt “respects her sobriety and wishes her the absolute best.

Lindsay Lohan Dating Matt Nordgren

Unfortunately, the show will be included as part of the lecture on how ideas that probably looked good on paper can become unwatchable crap. Ultimately, I gave it about forty minutes before conceding defeat. Perhaps it will get better with time, I told myself. Watching it again last night, I can say with some certainty that the level of suckitude has remained constant.

Oddly enough, these people do not make for great television. For some reason.

Though all of the guys and gals are technically unmarried, and no one’s currently put a ring on it, some may already be in committed relationships.

They were still best friends who did not confirm or deny that they were now in the practice of kissing in or out of hot tubs. But, were they being honest? Were they telling the truth about their relationship? No probing question, no fancy cocktail, and no Andy Cohen joy contagion could break through their facade.

Given the timeline of the filming of the show and its airing, Matt and Courtney have been playing these roles for a long time, now. Matt was the eligible bachelor who thought he loved playing the field, but was really in love with his best friend. Courtney was the best friend who loved Matt and was patient and wily enough to live through him sowing his wild oats.

As little reality as there was in the show, there was no gap between the show and her reality. And this leads me to what really convinces me that Matt and Courtney were lying to Andy and to us.

What Really Happened with Cameron Dallas…