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The report covers the period between June and May Over these 12 months and against the backdrop of several terrorist attacks, the July coup attempt and the state of emergency that was declared soon afterwards, the Turkish government repeatedly limited or blocked access to Internet pages and social media platforms, mainly on national security grounds. The ongoing tension between the government and the Kurdish political movement has led to several episodes of Internet shutdowns. Twelve million residents of the southeastern region of Turkey, where there is a high concentration of ethnic Kurds, suffered from two major Internet shutdowns in September and October , in relation to the removal of 28 Kurdish mayors by the central government and the arrest of several local politicians. Shutting down telecommunications networks during security operations has been another frequent practice, mainly in the southeastern regions. The overall number of blocked websites has also increased. As of November more than Engelliweb , the Turkish website providing a list of the blocked sites and its related social media accounts were lately shut down without an explanation. Access to at least 17 news sites has been blocked during the coverage period. On the other hand, several blogs and websites questioning Turkish Politics and leaders have started to appear, although many of them have also been blocked.

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Since the day it was founded, Eksi Sozluk (sour dictionary) has been one of the as a “traitor” figure dating back to the “Great Arab Revolt” and the defeat of the.

Amid the ruins, excavators uncovered fourth millennium statues and reliefs connected with her worship. It could also be used to strip a god of their powers entirely and thereby allow the possessor to kill any god they chose. Whether these demons are the true Mesopotamian Gods, or demons posing as the Gods, or whether the Gods usurped the names of older demons just like Seth did to Set , is unclear.

According to Sumerian texts, some of their national gods and goddesses had a close connection to the Armenian Highlands. Trying to understand the changing roles of gods such as Re, Osiris and Amun are difficult if not impossible with the limited text available to us today. Enlil meant ‘Lord Wind’- both the hurricane and the gentle winds of spring were thought of as the breath issuing from his mouth, and eventually as his word or command [cf. The Son of Anu, Enki, proposed to create a species that would inhabit the planet and bear the labor and so the gods created man.

Connection between the Inca civilisation and the Sumerian civilisation are related in the most unusual way. When the people of Babylon took over the Sumerian culture, they made Enlil part of their triad and named him Bel. By the way God speaks to him, he doesn’t seem to be to disturbed that he is there, just curious as to what he has been up to on Earth. The closest thing there is to a ‘good’ god is Guthix, the god of nature and balance, who created Gielinor and was powerful enough to stop the God Wars.

A god named Bel was the chief-god of Palmyra in pre-Hellenistic times, being worshipped alongside the gods Aglibol and Yarhibol.

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In a clear instance of vexatious litigation, a Turkish court has blocked the Web site of prominent evolutionist Richard Dawkins following complaints from Islamic creationist and author Adnan Oktar. Oktar, who writes under the nom de plume Harun Yahya , filed the complaint last week; when Turkish Internet users now attempt to access Dawkins’ site, they are presented with a message that reads: ‘access to this site has been suspended in accordance with a court decision’.

This is not the first time Oktar has been involved in such litigation.

fontconfig Dating ek i sozluk war The Oracle Solaris Desktop uses the fontconfig configuration and customization library. , .

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Important User Information: Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution. The repetitions, irrelevant and insulting discourses were excluded from the headings.

The contents of the headings classified were examined and discourses in the headings were subjected to content analysis. The study revealed the lack of satisfaction from physicians, nurses and pharmacists on various topics and made suggestions for the elimination of negativity in the study.

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Ekşi Sözlük is includes the comments of registered authors on all kinds of topics and idea. I redesigned for three device different platforms.

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Both tell the other that they are scared about their new co- principals. The churches are the only players left standing on the South Sudan stage who have any moral credibility and national recognition, but he told his father that Hannah wanted to be supportive and by his side for it all. Kantor posted minutes before to Reddit, and explained that he was not the man who gave him the note on the subway. Others are less so. Some coastal features exaggerated with Spencer Gulf extending too far inland.

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Thankfully there was not that much, but it was there. Maybe you can relate to my story. In the Port dating ek i sozluk usa, indicate which port is abandoned.

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At the time that it was built, it was unique online platform in terms of its format in Turkey. The idea was an online dictionary where the people would contribute by defining any term or word they want to. But that declaration actually was a humor. Because the main purpose of Eksisozluk was to having fun and socialize. Entries did not need to be correct. People could do irony or write incorrect things intentionally to have fun about words or terms if they want to.

Eksisozluk was gaining popularity over the time since its start. For its 20th anniversary, I decided to bring back the original Eksi Sozluk to the life to celebrate its 20th b-day. And you will able to experience the early version of Eksisozluk your own. If you want to do this now you can follow this link. So this article will be containing the journey about how I done it. In February , Eksisozluk founder had published the original source code of Eksisozluk.

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It is currently one of the largest online communities in Turkey with over , registered users. He founded the website for communicating with his friends in as he was inspired by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Enrollment periods to the dictionary and the criteria of acceptance are changeable. There is a waiting period for new members who want to become authors in which they must post at least 10 entries. All entries are inspected according to the dictionary rules and their quality, and if they are pass inspection, the new user becomes an author.

You can also use utility functions to parse eksisozluk specific date/time objects. This function adds two extra columns to tibbles, namely original_date_time and.

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