Copyright Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Regn No E. All rights reserved. With so many aspiring to be a social media influencer these days, the numbers here have burgeoned in recent years, with many flooding our social media space with their carefully curated posts, well-coiffed hair and impeccable style. Hold your brickbats though. Is Zendaya the next big celebrity fashion influencer? The post was criticised for being insensitive towards migrant workers. Jamie also highlighted that she would be donating to two charities that support migrant workers.

8 celebrity homes in Singapore: Take a peek where they live!

Numerous sedition investigations and charges were made against statements made online and offline. In tracing the perpetrator, who had posted defamatory statements on two Google Blogspot websites, the Plaintiffs filed an action called a John Doe action in the Superior Court of California. In the same case, the High Court had held that the controversial Section A 2 of the Evidence Act applied retrospectively.

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A controversial beauty influencer has sparked an online war with a plus-size model after claiming ‘morbidly’ obese people are ‘disgusting’, ‘irresponsible’ and ‘don’t live past 40’. The year-old YouTube star said morbidly obese people should ‘ never be seen as attractive because death and disease isn’t attractive full stop’. Most morbidly obese people don’t live past 40,’ Xiaxue said on her Instagram stories on February Irresponsibility isn’t attractive.

Even when they die [they] need three people to carry the corpse please. Her strongly-worded views came after Instagram posted a photo of La’Shaunae on its wall on January 14 to promote body positivity. Shame on you,’ Xiaxue said.

Singapore influencer scandals that made waves on social media

Tags: geek , Xiaxue. Newer Post Older Post Home. Dear Ashley Garcia , Clothes maketh the man while the lack of clothes can make a woman famous. Sometimes unintentionally.

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After the elections, the year-old influencer is now being targeted by netizens for accusing Raaesah Khan in an Instagram story of stirring up racial sentiment. Singapore — Blogger, social media beauty and lifestyle influencer Wendy Cheng, most famously known by her online handle Xiaxue, is known for stirring up online controversy with unpopular opinions on social issues. The year-old influencer is now being targeted by netizens for accusing Ms Khan in an Instagram story of stirring up racial sentiment, and has also been subjected to her share of police reports and petitions for allegedly racist and seditious social media posts made in and Photo: Screengrab from Xiaxue Instagram story.

Ever since she posted these controversial remarks, netizens have banded together in an attempt to boycott Ms Cheng, with hashtags such as PunishXiaxue that reached No. Users have also started to send emails out to brands that are partnering with Xiaxue to stop working with her. Brands such as Fresh and Daniel Wellington have announced that they have stopped their partnership. President Donald Trump. Twitter thread Photo: Screengrab from Twitter. The two then took to a private conversation to discuss their disagreements.

This, however, backfired when Narelle Kheng openly continued to denounce Xiaxue on Twitter which led to Xiaxue posting a series of Instagram stories. Xiaxue has also compiled a Google document with screenshots of the two of their conversation that happened on Whatsapp. Influencer PreetiPls has also been vocal about her denouncing of Xiaxue and has encouraged her followers to also sign the petition.

Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP43 – Online Dating

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Date of birth, 28 April Singapore. Country of Media in category “Xiaxue” Xiaxue and Adrianna × ; 99 KB. × ; 11 KB.

This after the lawyer successfully got the State Courts to issue a Protection Order under Originating Summons to shut SMRT Ltd Feedback up, prevent them from publishing or continuing to publish more honest statements about Xiaxue — for now. But this will cause 10 Facebook pages run by anonymous people to be set up to take its place. Xiaxue deserves our respect. Thanks, Xiaxue, for ruining family photos forever. Product description: Always wondered what kind of air New Nation writers breathe?

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Ever wondered where — or how — the rich and the famous live? We give you the scoop on these celebrity homes in Singapore where both famous personalities and local celebrities stay! Co-founder of Facebook and one of our investors , Eduardo Saverin, made waves when he moved to Singapore in He now resides in a 5, square foot penthouse unit at The Orchard Residences , and enjoys living in our sunny little island pretty well!

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Man reports Xiaxue to police over 2010 ‘little India’ tweet

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