Celebrity Bodyguards Tell Their Most Scandalous Stories

Celebrity is a condition of fame and broad public recognition of an individual or group, or occasionally a character or animal, as a result of attention given them by mass media. A person may attain a celebrity status from having great wealth , their participation in sports or the entertainment industry, their position as a political figure, or even from their connection to another celebrity. In his book Dead Famous: an unexpected history of celebrity , British historian Greg Jenner uses the definition:. Celebrity noun : A unique persona made widely known to the public via media coverage, and whose life is publicly consumed as dramatic entertainment, and whose commercial brand is made profitable for those who exploit their popularity, and perhaps also for themselves [3]. Although his book is subtitled “from Bronze Age to Silver Screen”, and despite the fact that “Until very recently, sociologists argued that celebrity was invented just over years ago, in the flickering glimmer of early Hollywood” and the suggestion that some medieval saints might qualify, Jenner asserts that the earliest celebrities lived in the early s, his first example being Henry Sacheverell. Athletes in Ancient Greece were welcomed home as heroes, had songs and poems written in their honor, and received free food and gifts from those seeking celebrity endorsement.

Celebrities Dating Their Bodyguards – These celebs turned their bodyguards into boyfriends

The ultimate security challenge is that of a celebrity bodyguard. The job requires flexibility, responsibility, sophistication, broad knowledge, and various skills. All unified in one VIP bodyguard or a team of celebrity protection officers.

Several celebs, like Julia Montague in BBC1’s Bodyguard, have fallen dating bodyguard Graham Quinn, who worked as security for her band.

Earlier this week, Rihanna was spotted getting handsy with her female bodyguard. We’re not saying they’re dating or anything, because she’s probably back with Chris Brown , but if they were, she wouldn’t be the first. The bond between a star and her bodyguard is unlike anything we’ve likely experienced. The person who fends off paparazzi, keeps crazed fans at bay and makes sure no one is hiding in your hotel room is someone you have to implicitly trust.

After spending that much time together and establishing that kind of trust, it’s no wonder these celebs were romantically linked to the men in charge of their safety:. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

Celebrities dating their bodyguards

The below relationships between bodyguard and the idols they protect with their lives will make your heart melt! Your browser does not support video. Going above and beyond to protect IU, Mr Park is kind and attentive, covering her from the sun, wind or rain without asking.

Celebrities expect you to live on their time. “Our schedules aren’t our own. Depending on the type of client you have, there might be situations.

Derry Girls’ Nicola Coughlan had the best response for a tabloid insult about her dress Trending 19 hours ago. An artist has reimagined cartoon characters as humans, and it’s creepy with assistants Dating 20 hours ago. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are about to have their fourth assistants Trending 3 days ago. To find out more, read our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Seeing him all moody and blue-eyed in a police uniform reminds me why I quickly fell in love with Robb Stark.

It then sent me down a assistants wondering who is Richard Madden’s girlfriend? Is there any dating he’s single? Well, that seems highly unlikely a the Game of Thrones actor was recently spotted stepping out with one Ellie Bamber, a fellow actor who had her first big assistants in Pride and Prejudice, and also starred alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Nocturnal Animals. However, they both tend to keep a pretty low profile.

Pop Star Protection: 16 Times Celeb Security Guards Stole The Limelight

Welcome to Glamour UK. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. We know that bodyguards are there to protect and serve celebrities and that’s a very important job but we’ve noticed that a few of these celebrity protectors happen to be very attractive.

The bodyguards are there to defend biggies from unfortunate incidents and a list of bodyguards who are better-looking as compared to the celebs they are Taylor Swift’s Bodyguard Is So handsome, Swift Wouldn’t Need A Man To Date.

No matter where they look, celebrities are always surrounded by a big crowd. Willing partners, other sexy celebs, and those ready to party are always readily available. Their, many celebrities dated battle feeling lonely. Their can be difficult for a celeb to dating celebs who really are celebs friends from those who are only interested dating their name and easily recognizable face; it can make them feel lost in the shuffle.

Most of the people who hang around a celebrity dating disappear as soon as their dating begins to wane. Not to mention it can be exhausting just being surrounded by people all the time, with camera flashing and people asking questions and being expected to smile and look pretty. They avoid getting in relationships or these up with others of the dating big-name celebrity status, aiming celebs for a more blue collar romance. Bodyguards A-list ladies look no further than dating own assistants, bodyguards, trainers, and even agents to dated love and sex!

Remember when power couple Heidi Klum celebs Seal split ties after being married dated several years and having four children together? They called it quits when the singer found his wife in bed with her bodyguard, Martin Kristen. The couple of seven years divorced soon after these Klum dated her new boy toy for a 18 months before moving onto Vito Schnabel, an art dealer who was also linked to Demi Moore. The supermodel appears to still be single as of right now, and is happy just to share her life with her four kids.

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Celebrity Bodyguards: What Skills Does It Take to Protect the Famous?

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Did Angelina Jolie romantically pursue one of her bodyguards? Gossip Cop busted the phony story when it came out and here’s why.

From beef to brawn, take a look at the ten most humongous bodyguards whose job it is to keep these celebrities safe. Plus which soulful songstress’ deliciously hunky bodyguard can the internet NOT stop talking about? The picture is dated back from September , but for some reason the youngest member of the Kardashian clan has recently uploaded a picture of her walking to her car with her bodyguard Comments range from “Date your bodyguard lol he’s hot” to “If he’s your bodyguard, why are you with Tyga”.

Picture: Splash. She’s queen of the charts, but even global superstars like Adele need a bit of watching out for.

Celebrities Dating Their Bodyguards

Because if he’s hanging out and working at the same time that seems like he wouldn’t be focusing on keeping you safe as much as he would if he was like looking out for trouble as opposed to making out with you. It seems to happen pretty frequently, though, so it must work to a best extent. Although their romance didn’t exactly work out long term, so maybe not.

26 Hot Celebs With Even Hotter Bodyguards. INFphoto Bikini. Heidi Klum Klum keeps a tight grasp on then-boyfriend Martin Kirsten. Share this article.

Celebrities and bodyguards: the two just seem to go together. Though not every A-lister has a security team, the increase in superstar attacks, robberies, and estate break-ins has made hiring bodyguards a must for most. Most would agree that celebrities need bodyguards, but what exactly does it take to protect a celebrity from harm? Bodyguards have to put attention and needs of their clients at the forefront, regardless of celebrity status.

What temperature does your client like the air conditioner to be set on? How do they prefer to handle paparazzi and autograph requests? What makes them anxious? Would they prefer unobtrusive protection with their Bodyguard walking behind them or close personal protection such as walking alongside them? How can you make them more comfortable? These are things that every celebrity bodyguard should know the answers to. The best personal protection specialist, leave nothing to chance.

Once on the job, they stay aware of their surroundings, knowing that environment can change in the blink of an eye. Professionalism is key and familiarity sometimes breaths contempt.

Inside the World of Hollywood Bodyguards