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Methods: The Spear and Shield study (consisting of 4 weekly, 90-minute sexual risk reduction/VMMC promotion sessions) recruited and enrolled men (N = 800) who self-identified as at risk of HIV by seeking HIV testing and counseling at community health centers.

Eligible men tested HIV-negative, were uncircumcised, and expressed no interest in VMMC.

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It is estimated that worldwide only three in 10 adolescent girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 24 years have comprehensive and correct knowledge about HIV.

The history of the province is centered around the Chewa people who under the rule of Kalonga Gawa Undi established a vast empire extending to modern day Central Malawi and the northeastern part of Tete Province in Mozambique.

The chieftains of the empire exercised control over the territory in modern times.

Watch this amateur sextape made by a couple as the woman rocks her boyfriend…The video was allegedly shot by a student couple from Zambia’s school for the elite Zambia Center for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) college yet again, Kachepa365 will soon reveal identities of the two latest adult film makers after former Minister Kaingu’s daughter Iris shot to stardom 5 years ago int he same industry.

In 2011, a 16 minute sex tape caught the nations imagination & subsequently resulted in the dramatic conviction of yet another student from ZCAS Iris Kaingu for producing obscene material.

Agriculture is the major occupation in the province which accounts for 20.41 per cent of the total area cultivated in Zambia.

Knowledge needs to be combined with the right skills and attitudes, which can be taught and developed through high-quality comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).

CSE not only plays an important role in preventing negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes, but also offers a platform to discuss gender issues and human rights and to promote respectful, non-violent relationships.

According to her, investigations have been launched concerning the sexual abuse of pupils by teachers and that a comprehensive report will be issued after the investigations.

Last month, some pupils at a girls' school in northern Zambia complained of sexual abuse by teachers, a move that caused anger, forcing the government to launch investigations.

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