Updating data in a dataset

Data Sets only hold data and do not interact with a data source.It is the Sql Data Adapter that manages connections with the data source and gives us disconnected behavior. Fill(data Set1, table Name); the solution seems elegant, but then may i ask why such a thing can't be done through an existing dataset? Select Command = New Ole Db Command(sql, con) Data Grid View1. FCC License View, part of the agency's spectrum inventory, is a single portal for information on the management of licenses.FCC License View – a key part of the Agency's spectrum inventory – captures spectrum licensing information from multiple FCC databases and includes licenses that are active or inactive because they have been cancelled or expired.The majority of these licenses are not suitable for mobile broadband use, but rather for those using services like amateur radio and dispatch, which tend to cover small geographic areas.But if I use the Table Adapter then I won't be able to populate the table in a generic way. Currently if I have to populate String connection String = @"Provider=Microsoft. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=""C:\test.mdb"""; String table Name = combobox1.

In Lesson 4, we learned about how to read data quickly an let go of the connection with the Sql Data Reader.

These are the mechanics of working with disconnected data.

Because the applications holds on to connections only when necessary, the application becomes more scalable.

They should not be used to establish legal title, boundary lines, or locations of improvements.

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