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Yet a pair of bright blue eyes peered up at him and he was love struck. “I asked if you were dying because of your clothes. The two of them connect pretty quickly and Levi and his daughter are invited backstage, where the rest of their lives begin.

Historia convinces her father to let her have an entire dorm to herself.

Gook Du has always admired Min Hyuk from afar, ever since high school.

Sammy is snappy and angry and he is starting to figure out why. All he cared about was his pack, and keeping to himself, at least until another pack shows up and forces their way into their lives.You give your uke the gift of pain, and the louder their moans are, the more satisfied with the relationship you'll be. I'm slowly updating some of my old stories and I've posted a few new ones. If some of you have received a PM from me as a reply to a years old message, please don't be alarmed . Which was why on his sixteenth birthday, he didn't bother staying up late to see if a soulmark appeared on his wrist. Any mark in Levi's skin was generally put there with a fist. It’s awkward, clumsy, and a lot less romantic than Jean had anticipated it to be, yet he couldn’t help but think that he’s the happiest he’s been in weeks.The pressure to do something special, that any male in the family hadn´t already done before you, was massive. Prefect, not a chance, because he was 15 now and hadn´t been made one.Quidditch was out; there had been great beaters, chasers and his own dad had been a goal keeper. He would never be smarter than Al, even though, technically, he was part Potter, he would never be better looking than Louis, who´s probably the handsomest Weasley born, he graduated years ago, though.

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