The rules for online dating ellen fein

SHERRIE SCHNEIDER, AUTHOR, "THE RULES FOR ONLINE DATING": Absolutely. Ellen, kind of take us step-by-step on how you advise folks to try and do this -- be a creature unlike any other.

It is written by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, and they join us now with a few Cliff's Notes on exactly how we go about doing this for those of us who -- or for those folks out there who would be interested in dating online -- is it your finding, ladies, that these days, people just don't have the time to go meet people in other traditional ways, so they are so glued to their screens, and so they've got to find a way to date this way?

They have called the Internet the singles bar of a new generation. You are a creature unlike any other, you have confidence.

It's entitled, "The Rules for Online Dating." Everything you need to know to catch Mr. We think online dating is a great way to meet because people are sometimes too tired or busy to go to a bar, or to the Hamptons or Club Med. It is easy, and you can meet so many men that you would normally -- you would never ever encounter. ELLEN FEIN, AUTHOR, "THE RULES FOR ONLINE DATING": Yes.

You know, you just might scare somebody off by putting too much information as you write about yourself.

You are safe about it, you don't have men pick you up at your house or your apartment, you meet them at a coffee bar for an hour with a very filled street.

Although it may be tempting to fire off emails to all the cute guys in your zip code, wait a week or so.

The absolute worst choices for screen names are ones that include your name, ones that sound too steamy, and ones that make you sound husband hungry. Guys are first attracted to the physical, and the more photos you post, the more likely you are too hook him.

Some of them went poorly, full of the awkwardness I feared. Friends email me now and ask my take on the online dating scene.

But in each case, I was happy to have gone and put myself out there — especially when I met Spencer, the fourth of the online dates, and now? I was encouraged to join by a good friend and fellow blogger — I’ll protect her identity in case she doesn’t want me “outing” her, but her initials are JL! I was tempted to go out with him just for the good stories would inevitably produce.) After exhausting my friends, family and blog readers (hi, you guys! Enter was snatched up before I hunkered down with it for the night.

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