Specal ops knives intimidating 911

Dark Ops Knives are made from a proprietary hybrid alloy of Chromium, Cobalt, Tungsten, Vanadium, and Molybdenum with surgical grade stainless steel!

CTV2 offers both strength and edge holding ability that is unrivaled!

The Through-hole in the handle allows for a positive finger through control for secure grip when hands are cold and prevents the knife from being taken away in defensive moves. A broader flat grind with serrations on the top edge is used for heavy duty occupational cutting work.

Built of Dark Ops legendary CTV2 Steel, but with a fractionally higher stainless content and treated with a Titanium Carbonitride coating, the knife is impervious to body sweat and humidity associated with on-the-body concealed knives. Heavy grip notching covers the entire contact circumference for added grip tenacity.

With the subdued 9/11 Tribute limited edition nomenclature on it's blade, the operator carries with him a visible reminder of the Americans lost and the heroic efforts of those who take arms in defense of liberty.

Blade design offers a combination spear/tanto point with the best attributes of both.

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Backsaw is optimized for cutting through plexiglass aircraft canopies or helo windows.CTV2™ steel, an intimidating blade length in excess of eight inches, hollow grind and v-chisel sharpened edge make the Interceptor 911 an incredibly effective fighting tool.The Interceptor 911 E&E offers further enhancements for real-time escape and evasion activities.Used properly it can generate the last earthly sensation a terrorist feels on a quick trip to the hereafter.A Panic Port through-hole in the tail of the integrated tang allows positive sheath removal even with 85% of the knife concealed in the ankle and forearm modes.

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