Smiths speed dating black rabbit

His owners, Ashley Chui and Arthur Chow, thought he might be lonely while they were at work.

So they enlisted the help of Amy Odum, a longtime volunteer of Animal Care Centers of NYC and a bunny matchmaker.

No, for The Smiths.” Tonight’s event at 8 at comedy-fave watering hole Black Rabbit, in Brooklyn, is the third incarnation of the pioneering social experiment. There are only 40 spots for men and women, and, as you would guess, one date ends when the song ends.

“If you get, say, ‘The Queen Is Dead,’ you can have, like, a pretty long date,” Hill says.

Match-ups could bring bestial black metal fans together with doom metal devotees and make for gore grind and stoner metal smashups.

Hell, we might even see a gothic-symphonic-metal/industrial-metal baby nine months down the line.

As it turned out, “putting Morrissey’s face on a flyer for a singles event is the female hipster equivalent of offering free beer and game balls to Jets fans.” Well, let’s just say that, seven years later, Speed Metal Dating could prove to be the metal-hipster equivalent of dangling free diabetes test strips that double as Arby’s coupons in front of a Trump rally.“It might just be crazy enough to work,” mused Dave Hill, the comedian and author who’s now embarking on his second venture in “alt” romantic encounters.It’s Speed Metal Dating, happening this weekend at Saint Vitus!It’s likely that you know Hill from his Monday night WFMU show ).But it’s also A-OK to admit that you recognize Dave Hill from Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, the comedian’s original North Brooklyn dating event at the Black Rabbit aimed at rabid fans of the Smiths and Morrissey.

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