Skydiving speed dating

Just as we’re all destined to age, and the aged were all once young, we suddenly come to realize just how much, and how little, our hearts change over a lifetime.

The film takes viewers where no documentary has gone before—directly into the lives of older singles who still yearn to be seen and understood, who still desire another's touch, who seek a new chance at love.

His wife is a skydiver and his family owns a skydiving outfit in the state of Washington.

He spends some of his time as a safety and training adviser for the United States Parachute Association and sometimes trains Navy Seals on how to perform the dangerous task.

Speed Skydiving is a new skydiving discipline with as simple a definition as it gets.

Achieve the fastest speed possible over a given distance.

Fast forward four years to the 4th of July, 2016, and we made the road trip to the Triangle Skydiving Center. Unfortunately, the weather wouldn’t cooperate that day.

You know you’re close when you see the little skydiver signs.

But now, as posters go up, local media buzzes and anticipation grows, these typically-overlooked seniors are spurred to confront the realities of physical appearance, romance and loneliness, loss and new beginnings.

Aikins flipped onto his back seconds before making contact in the California desert outside Los Angeles, pausing only for a moment before rising from the net uninjured to the arms of his wife and 4-year-old child.

“I mean I’m almost levitating, it’s incredible the thing that just happened,” he said following the jump.

It has developed over the last few years and represents the fastest non-motorized sport on Earth.

In essence, speed skydiving is the discipline where only one aspect of skydiving counts – freefall speed.

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