Sean faris and eva longoria dating

Sean, whose show Stewarts and Hamiltons flopped last year after just eight episodes, was forced to stand by as his girlfriend tried (and failed) to retain some dignity.

Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez had been dating for around 4 months, but in a terrible week for the New York Jets quarterback, he lost the game and his girlfriend.Still, having spent all that money on boob and bum implants, perhaps she wanted to show off her investments.Recently detailing her plastic surgery blowout, she told her 89,000 Instagram followers: "If you know me, you know I'm not afraid to get anything done, and I'm honest about everything I do get done."I loved my butt before, but after getting breast implants, I felt my butt looked smaller in comparison to my new chest, so I wanted to pump it up a little and decided to get the ‘No Scalpel Butt Lift."Top marks for honesty but the modesty department could use some work.The show turned out to be a runaway hit, turning Longoria into an overnight sensation who currently commands a cool quarter million dollars per episode.Longoria is apparently earning every penny of her salary, having been knocked unconscious on the set for four minutes by a pole which fell on her head.

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