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We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. (born August 23, 1943) is a convicted rapist and serial killer who was sentenced to death in California in 2010 for five murders committed between 19, and is thought to be responsible for others.

Rodney Alcala, one of the most infamous serial killers in U. history, would eventually be arrested and sentenced to death in 1980 for the murder of 12-year-old Robin Samsoe.

(He remains in prison in California.) While Alcala's body count is unknown, police estimate the now-73-year-old man killed at least dozens of women, with some counts running as high as 130 – and there are still over 100 photographs of unidentified women who may have been his victims.

The man who would become known as the Killer Clown for his hobby entertaining kids as a Clown, had killed a staggering 33 young men and boys (at least).

ABC dropped the show on July 6, 1973, but it continued in syndication for another year (1973–1974) as The New Dating Game.It's pretty disturbing watching him use his charm and smile to win the affection of Cheryl. [Morning and afternoon] are okay, but nighttime is when it really gets good."He actually WON the entire show. In 2010, he was sentenced to death AGAIN for the murder of five women.Knowing he would later go on to choke his victims until they passed out before killing them, you really just want to yell at Cheryl to run. But Cheryl Bradshaw spoke in 2012 about how she turned down the date. He is currently being held at California State Prison. Then, he'd either bury the bodies in the crawlspace of his house or dump them in the Des Plaines River.Though Berkowitz had fewer victims than all but one other killer on this Top 13 (six killed, seven wounded), he terrorized a city like no other serial killer ever has.

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