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- Only non-progressive JPG/JPEG files are accepted.- File size is usually restricted to a default of 2MB, or as defined by administrator Notification popups report on the status of the application, as well as incoming requests.This list contains anonymization and redirection services, image hosts which are no longer working, image/file hosts with questionable business practices and image/file hosts with an overabundance of advertisements.Updates: - quit on February 1st due to them having too much poor torrent traffic - is back and whatever problems there were are resolved, took imgtrex's spot - all affiliate image hosts will have to support SSL (HTTPS) in full by April 1st, 2017 The number of image hosts with an affiliate program have been increased to ten to encourage a higher spread of images across various image hosts.SEO Tip: Hosting location can influence search engine rankings.General rule is: try to host your website in country where your visitors are located.

Damit Du dich wie zu Hause fühlst, wenn Du dich bei 23 registriert hast, kannst Du die ersten zwei Wochen nach der Registrierung sogar 1000 Fotos hochladen.Based on several factors, this report will give you estimated value of this website. This report will let you find out how popular is this website.This data can: This website in hosted on web server located in Germany.It reflects poorly on Viper Girls and already caused us to have to ban some studios for an as of yet unknown amount of time due to an obscene amount of their material being posted here. "bulletproof" may be a poor term today but I'm referring to image hosts ignoring take down requests.[SIZE=1][code][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][LIST=1][*]1pic ---[*]--- I recently pointed out that was coming up as "unsupported host" in viper Ripper this is still the case - can there be resolve or should posters be advised not to link there ??

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