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There are various types of driving simulators that are being used like train simulators, bus simulator, car simulator, truck simulator etc.As of May 2012 the DVLA has removed driving simulators in some places into the hazard perception test that is required prior to taking the practical driving examination, lowering the chance of gaining experience.Different vehicle simulations can involve a variety of goals, including racing, combat, or simply the experience of driving a vehicle.

You can score points and earn big virtual money without even having a license!

This includes automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, spacecraft, military vehicles, and a variety of other vehicles.

The main challenge is to master driving and steering the vehicle from the perspective of the pilot or driver, with most games adding another challenge such as racing or fighting rival vehicles.

Racing games often let you cruise around in pixel-perfect replicas of real-life vehicles, boasting licensing deals with car makers. The Holmer Terra Felis 2 is just one of around 250 licensed farm machines you can take for a spin – from the Massey Ferguson 7726 with Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 trailer (capacity: nine pigs) to the Ponsse Buffalo forwarder, a forestry vehicle used for thinning trees. All drop you into the cab of a large vehicle and simply let you drive.

“Many people play to relax,” says Mike, who moderates a Reddit forum dedicated to truck sims.

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