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doesn’t even try; it’s as though Hughes knew his audience would automatically root for any underdog, bonus points if she’s a poor girl with mussed hair and unadorned beauty, double bonus points if she makes her own clothes and suffers the sneers of rich kids, triple bonus points if the poor girl has a goofy best friend who nips at her heels yet seems incapable of ever jumping into her lap.

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“As far as the character, she’s so much like I am,” said Ringwald in a 1986 interview with MTV.Like the Matt Dillon movie, that was then, this is now. As attorney Richard Golub explained recently, he was retained, in accordance with Bernbaum’s will, to “close Mortimer’s down.” But this spring, the death of Mortimer’s and the dearth of agreeable restaurants in the 10021 ZIP code were being compared to a month of Sundays “in the Gobi desert,” to quote House & Garden editor at large Carolina Irving.A few of those mentioned in the Brat Pack story–notably, Mr. Penn, Matthew Broderick and Nicolas Cage–somehow emerged from the Brat Pack association untouched by the curse. To resurrect it, parched investors were found from the restaurant’s inner circle: Nan Kempner, Mario Buatta, Anne Eisenhower, Gale Hayman, financier James Arcara and 15 or so other regulars made pledges.Written by John Hughes and directed by Howard Deutch, the 1986 movie ‘Pretty in Pink’ celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.The film follows the story of Andie (Molly Ringwald), who grows up on the poor side of town.

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