Is evgeni malkin still dating oksana

That other dude in the photo is Geno's brother, Denis.

I don't know why Denis is kind of, like, non-existent, but he's sort of never mentioned, ever. According to Max, this is what happened when he told Geno: YEAH, MAX. Don't worry, though, Geno has plenty of BFFs still on the team. Geno also, like all good players, loves and respects his goalie very, very much: Special praise was reserved for goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, whom Malkin calls the heart of the locker room.

Geno met his girlfriend back in Russia before coming to the NHL to play for the Penguins.

Apparently, Oksana, 24 at the time, was married but was about to get a divorce to get engaged to Malkin before he broke up with her and left for the NHL and Pittsburgh.

Zhenya was going to propose, and Oksana was going to say yes, and they were going to get married and have beautiful, charming babies and everything was going to be perfect.

Here’s a question for you: how do you work as a top international model and stay out of the public eye?

However, Oksana rumors heated up again when she was spotted during the 2010 Winter Olympics supporting Evgeni’s Russian team.

Evgeni Malkin's Girlfriend: According to the most recent gossips, Malkin's girlfriend is Russian Oksana Kondakova.

The ring box felt like it was burning a hole in his pocket.

Somehow though, he sat patiently as he could manage through drinks, and dinner, and right up to when they order desert.

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