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I shot a sharp look at him and said, “Umm wha, what did you just say?” I was hoping he would do one of those just kidding laughs and jokingly play it off, but instead with a serious face he straightened up and went, “Why you tripping?Trust me; the relationship is headed to a place called hell.In fact, the overwhelming majority of married men never leave their wives.However, women are notorious for believing lies that married men tell them.They take every word like it's the gospel of Matthew only to be disappointed in the end. If you've heard these famous lies listed above, you have "taken the bait" hook, line and sinker.A recent dinner with a past acquaintance has brought me to a place where I now know a conversation on why-I-even-dressed-up-for-a-dinner-with-a-man-I-had-no-idea-was-married-until-we-were-well-into-dessert is very much needed.

I also believe we all deserve to feel we have the power of making a choice.His wet and slippery kisses made his way from my neck up to my ear somewhere in between my Swarovski crystal studs and my earlobe.Out of nowhere, he uttered “I wanna get you pregnant.” It was like a turbo Hoover vacuum sucked all of the oxygen out of my body.'I met Tony when I was a filing clerk at the firm he worked for.He was well spoken, middle-class and had an engineering degree.

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