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If something comes up and you need to cancel or postpone your trip, you'll be able to get a refund or exchange depending on the type of fare you've chosen. Box 660691, MS 470 Dallas, TX 75266-0691 If you have any other questions about refunds, you can use our online form to get in touch: Additional Questions If you bought a Flexible ticket, changing the date or time you travel won’t cost you anything.

You'll need to do this before the date of your original ticket. With all other tickets (except Flexible) you’ll need to pay a change fee, per ticket, prior to your date of departure.

These include, among others, With their intercity bus connections, they offer regular bus trips with long distance buses all over Europe.

Scania L94UB 153 (4304AO) was new in January 2001 and is seen at Tullamarine Airport passing one of Skybus' artic Scanias used on the downtown express.

The April 2004 shot suggests that 153 may be working a contract at the airport as Dyson did not operate any public services to Tullamarine.

Generally it is not necessary to reserve a seat in advance on Bus Éireann services.

It is perfect for travelers who want to combine comfort, low carbon footprint, safety and reasonable budget all in one faraway trip.

Already today there is a large number of long distance bus companies, who compete with their intercity bus travels for the favor of customers.

You simply buy your ticket online, at the Booking Office at the bus station before the bus leaves, or from the Bus Driver on the bus if you are joining the service outside the main centres.

However, on Expressway routes X1, 30 & 32 there is currently a seat reservation trial, for full details see

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