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And he’s trying to get the attention of the media, publicly displaying his victims’ dismembered bodies so that Roth will be assigned to the case., but he’s meant to seem more flawed and dangerous by the fact that he’s having an affair.

Kent’s method of killing women is absurd from a procedural standpoint: He stabs them while they’re on top of him, practically bathing in their DNA, but on ’s backdrop is 1980s Los Angeles, which the show renders as shallowly as possible.

Historians tell us the genesis of food service dates back to ancient times.

He forms a connection with a nurse named Betty (Erika Christensen) after his attempt to murder her goes awry; the show seems to be setting her up as his future accomplice.Several scenes are set at the Whiskey, a rock club that launched the careers of groups like Van Halen and Motley Crue.Accordingly, gleeful hair metal pervades the soundtrack as the body count rises, and a supposedly dramatic final scene is set to ... This isn’t to disparage the high-energy output of these peroxide-blonde gentlemen, but there’s no good reason to make the soundtrack the musical backdrop for slaughter., an unbearably trite new “event series” set in Los Angeles in 1982.A handsome creep named Kent Grainger (Ed Westwick) hits on a girl at the famed Whiskey a Go-Go and drives her into the Hollywood Hills at night.

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