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“She said all of the Roblox characters had their clothes removed. She said a male character got on top of her and started making comments in the chat,” West told She wanted me to call Roblox and have it shut down.” The New Jersey mother of three says it was an important reminder of how easy it is for strangers to turn a wholesome-looking game into a dangerous situation. father Iain Morrison decided to give the Minecraft-like game a try, he was horrified by some of the messages and imagery he saw.

“If you open up any kind of gateway for a conversation, you never know who is sitting behind that screen. “I was invited by other users to follow them into their homes and bedrooms, lay on top of them, (and) imitate sexual movements,” he wrote in a Facebook post which has been shared more than 2,000 times since Sunday.

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The two smoking hot stars have some of the most covetable curves in Hollywood, and weren’t afraid to show them off in super sexy outfits in the fantasy film — or on the beach in the skimpiest of swimsuits.

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Second Life – Internet virtual world started in 1999 and run by Linden Labs.

With the release of Viewer 2 Second Life is more flexible and accesible than ever. World of Warcraft – Multiplayer online role playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2001.

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    The primary cast, including Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, and Corbin Bleu attended the event.